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Packing Hacks For Fragile Items By The Top Moving Company In Keene, NH

Relocating to a new place from your Keene, NH, home may seem exciting, but it’s also quite tiresome. A few essential tasks are making a checklist, setting a date, and hiring a reputable moving company in Keene, NH. But the biggest challenge with relocating is packing, especially packing fragile items. Faulty packing can cause your delicate items to sustain damage. Daniel’s Moving, an expert local moving company, offers the best packing hacks to transport your fragile items without worry.

Fragile Items Packing Tips | Moving Company in Keene, NH

1. Small Boxes Can Work Well for Heavy, Fragile Items

Try to use smaller boxes to pack fragile items. Smaller boxes offer better handling and reduce the chances of shifting around. Keeping your delicate ware in small but sturdy boxes will ensure better protection than putting it in a big, flimsy box. However, make sure to check each box carefully. Avoid using boxes with defects for packing fragile items.

2. Use Extra Tape at the Bottom Part | Moving Company in Keene, NH

Another great hack is using extra tape at the bottom. More tape would ensure a stronger base to place your item. It will also help prevent the box from opening due to the weight of its content.

3. Place the Heavier Item at the Bottom of the Box

When packing multiple fragile items together, like dishes or glassware, always pack heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones at the top. It will ensure your more delicate items aren’t crushed and are safely relocated by your moving company.

4. Layer Soft Packaging Material at the Bottom of the Box | Moving Company in Keene, NH

Another helpful hack is to use soft packing material like bubble wrap or Styrofoam for the base of the box layer. This packing material provides a protective barrier and absorbs shock while moving.

5. Use Dividers for Glasses

For packing multiple glassware, you can use cardboard cutouts and place them as dividers between glasses. You could also consider buying special boxes that provide built-in dividers. These dividers prevent any unwanted collisions between the pieces of glass.

6. Wrap Up All Items

Wrap every fragile item, including plates and dishes, individually before placing them in boxes. Separate any removable pieces, like lids, and wrap them separately. Use extra protective wrapping like bubble wrap to protect your most delicate items. Tape it at the end to avoid it becoming loose, and store each item collection separately in small boxes.

7. Use Packaging Material to Fill out Hollow Items | Moving Company in Keene, NH

Hollow items are the most at risk of breaking during relocation. Use packing paper to fill hollow articles. Doing so protects them from vibrations that occur from unwanted movement.

8. Label Items Clearly

As boxes look the same from the outside, your moving company might not know the difference between what is fragile and what is not. You must mark them fragile so you and the movers take extra caution while picking up and packing boxes in the moving truck.

Get your Items Safely Relocated to your New Home with an Expert Moving Company in Keene, NH

Although proper packing increases the security of your items, handling is another crucial aspect of relocation. If you need help moving your stuff to your new home, call Daniel’s Moving. We are a locally owned moving company in Keene, NH that can provide quality moving and packing services. We’ll ensure your stuff gets to your new home without worry. Contact us today to get started.

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